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samedi 24 février 2007

Vermilion, Ohio Man Charged with Wire Fraud

Gregory A. White, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, announced today that an information was filed today charging Terrance J. Holmes, age 39, of 330 Yorktown Place, Vermilion, Ohio, with one count of Wire Fraud.

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Utah Man Sentenced to 24 Months in Prison for Bringing Down Wireless Internet Services

WASHINGTON - A man skilled in the operation of commercial wireless Internet networks was sentenced today for intentionally bringing down wireless Internet services across the region of Vernal, Utah, the Justice Department announced today.

Ryan Fisher, 24, of Vernal, was sentenced to 24 months in prison to be followed by 36 months of supervised release for intentionally damaging a protected computer. U.S. District Judge Paul G. Cassell also ordered the defendant to pay $65,000 in restitution.

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Software Piracy Ringleader Extradited from Australia

WASHINGTON - In one of the first ever extraditions for an intellectual property offense, the leader of one of the oldest and most renowned Internet software piracy groups was arraigned today in U.S. District Court, Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg for the Eastern District of Virginia announced today.

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Tips for Avoiding Computer Crime

These suggestions are a companion to my separate essay on computer crime in the USA. These suggestions are like installing high-security deadbolt locks on doors of an office or home. There is no warranty that following these suggestions will prevent one from being a victim of computer crime, but at least one can make it a little harder for a criminal, and maybe the criminal will find an easier target.

This essay contains only my personal opinions on the general problem of computer security, and is not intended as advice on your specific problem. You should hire a competent expert in computer security to review your situation and then advise you.

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Computer Crime

There are no precise, reliable statistics on the amount of computer crime and the economic loss to victims, partly because many of these crimes are apparently not detected by victims, many of these crimes are never reported to authorities, and partly because the losses are often difficult to calculate. Nevertheless, there is a consensus among both law enforcement personnel and computer scientists who specialize in security that both the number of computer crime incidents and the sophistication of computer criminals is increasing rapidly.

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