Even if you are not a media personality, you can become a victim of identity theft, hacking, or face litigation. Your computers, your email must be protected.


Scam to the President, embezzlement, espionage, companies are prime targets. Our preventive measures are used to limit the risks..


Lawyers, accountants, private investigators, lawyers, you have specific needs. You are also key partners in the management of certain files..


We can help you in the context of specific missions: securing meeting rooms, implement control procedures, assist your employees..


Our experience in a nutshell

Management consulting and strategy since 1985, transversal competences, diversified or general in the service of individuals, professionals and businesses.
A science graduate, training in management-accounting-finance sector, creator of a consulting firm after a bank curriculum and in investigations, monitoring and financial investigations (private investigator / detective / private research agent). With the arrival of the first modems, I specialized in digital investigations (cyberdétective) and in consulting private and commercial business.


Private and commercial business consulting

    Consultancy services
  • Protecting your interests
  • Risk prevention and litigation
  • Research evidence
  • computer investigations
  • business agent
  • Training

client references

Extracts of messages

  • "Thank you again for your advice and your information"

    L., Computer and Mobile spied
  • "Thank you very much for your help !"

    C.D, Defamation and threats
  • "The suspect was arrested this morning"

    JM, CEO, threats, privacy
  • More...

    Other tasks performed