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Inheritance Retrieval Schemes

in this e-mail there is usually someone who most would take pity on (cancer patient, widow, or both) who had a wealthy relative whose inheritance was destined for him/her, usually a spouse, who recently died. She wants to donate this to « a charity organization, devoted Christian individual or God fearing person that will utilize this money. » They are not able to communicate via phone. You are usually referred to her attorney who refers you to the luggage department (Oceanic Diplomatic Luggage Services) where his/her money is being held. When you contact the department they require a 4-figure US-Dollar « Service Charge ». The attorney promises you will receive the entire inheritance once everything is said and done.

If you inquire into the authenticity of the scam, the attorney sends you an identification that has obviously been photocopied from several different pieces of paper.

Source : wikipedia