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Methods of copyright infringement

The unlawful downloading of pornography and sharing of recorded music in the form of MP3 and other audio files is more prominent than ever[citation needed], even after the demise of Napster and a series of infringement suits brought by the American recording industry. Promotional screener DVDs distributed by movie studios (often for consideration for awards) are a common source of unauthorised copying when movies are still in theatrical release, and the MPAA has attempted to restrict their use. Movies are also still copied by someone sneaking a camcorder into a movie theater and secretly taping the projection (also known as « CAM« ), although such copies are often of lesser quality than copied versions of the officially released film. Sharing copied music is legal in many countries, such as Canada, and parts of Europe, provided that this information is neither advertised, nor that the songs be sold.

Bootleg recordings are musical recordings that have not been officially released by the artist or their associated management or production companies. They may consist of demos, outtakes or other studio material, or of illicit recordings of live performances. Music enthusiasts may use the term « bootleg » to differentiate these otherwise unavailable recordings from « pirated » copies of commercially released material, but these recordings are still covered by copyright despite their lack of formal release, and their distribution is still against the law.

People illegally selling copyrighted material are known to peddle VCDs, CDs, and DVDs by the roadside, market, night market, Pasar malam, etc. in some countries.

The illegal use of text content is a form of copyright infringement. It is common on the world wide web for text to be copied from one site to another without consent of the author. Roberta Beach Jacobson criticizes the misappropriation of writers’ work by websites in her article Copyrights and Wrongs. This article was added to [3] on November 27, 2001; since then it has been copied to hundreds of websites, [4] many of them claiming copyright over the work or charging money to access it.

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