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Types of copyright infringement of software

According to the Business Software Alliance, copyright infringement of software takes several forms, which include the following.

« CD-R infringment » is the illegal copying of software using CD-R recording technology. This form of copyright infringement occurs when a person obtains a copy of a software program and makes a copy or copies and re-distributes them to friends.

« Commercial Use of Non-commercial Software » is using educational or other commercial-use-restricted software in violation of the software license is a form of copyright infringement.

« Counterfeiting » is the duplication and sale of unauthorized copies of software in such a manner as to try to pass off the illegal copy as if it were a legitimate copy produced or authorized by the legal publisher. This is also often a violation of trade mark laws.

« Hard-disk loading » occurs when an individual or company sells computers preloaded with illegal copies of software.

« Internet infringement » is the illegal uploading of software on to the Internet for anyone to copy.

« OEM infringement/unbundling » is known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) software, is only legally sold with specified hardware. Whether misappropriating OEM software constitutes copyright infringement is subject to interpretation – a software publisher would have a difficult time prosecuting a person who successfully purchases a genuine OEM copy who, according to the license agreement was supposed to purchase a retail copy. This is because a court must also consider laws relating to the commercial sales of goods such as the Uniform Commercial Code in the United States, which are more established in law and which can be interpreted to prohibit or nullify licensing terms that negate the established nature of a common sale transaction.

« Softlifting » is a neologism invented by anti-copyright infringement advocates, and is a term used to describe when a person purchases a single licensed copy of a software program and loads it on several machines, in violation of the terms of the license agreement.

« Unrestricted client access infringement » occurs when a copy of a software program is copied onto an organization’s servers and the organization’s network « clients » are allowed to freely access the software in violation of the terms of the license agreement.

Source : wikipedia