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Tom Espiner ZDNet UK

Tom Espiner ZDNet UK
ZDNet UK, UK – Jul 27, 2007
Recently, experts have begun to pick up on a shift in who is perpetrating cybercrime. Computer-related fraud and other crimes have become big business.

McAfee’s DeWalt Pushes For Legislation To Battle Cybercriminals
InformationWeek, NY – Jul 19, 2007
Dave DeWalt has been meeting with senators, congressmen, and members of President Bush’s staff to talk about cybercrime. A big part of his focus,

US govt password security still dismal
Register, UK – Aug 6, 2007
« weakest link » in facilitating future attacks, aimed at extracting taxpayer information for the purposes of identity theft or other forms of cybercrime.

Feds Turn to Black Hats
Dark Reading, NY – Aug 3, 2007
Nearly a dozen top-ranking government and law enforcement officials — including the head of the FBI’s cybercrime division — spent an hour with Black Hat

MySpace, Facebook kids need to be watched, say police, Australia – Jul 28, 2007
Police cybercrime school liaison officer Fran Boorer said children and parents needed to be educated about the online dangers. She said it was important

McAfee’s DeWalt: More sophisticated threats
USA Today – Jul 20, 2007
A: What surprised me is we have minimalist laws to address a $100 billion market in cybercrime, which is about equal to the illegal drug market.

World Cup could be a whole new ball game for cyber criminals
Business Report, South Africa – Aug 1, 2007
Budnik, who was delivering a presentation on the threat of cybercrime in South Africa at the Tip-offs Anonymous breakfast yesterday, said that cyber

Enforcement of laws relating to electronic crime is falling behind
Security Park, UK – Jul 26, 2007
« Judging from a recent news report entitled `The Shambles over Cybercrime‘ in the Guardian, the enforcement of laws relating to electronic crime appears to

Digg and Microsoft
Technology News Daily, AZ – Jul 26, 2007
Cybercrime: Addressing Cyber Threats, Report Computer interconnectivity has produced enormous benefits but has also enabled criminal activity that exploits

LOCATION: The DoubleTree Hotel, Boston
Dark Reading, NY – Aug 9, 2007
contracts with other businesses, for example, in advertising, » detective Jeong Hyung-Won of Seoul’s cybercrime investigation team told the Korea Herald.