As Computer Security Consultant and Computer Forensics Investigator, I provide a large scale of services everywhere you are. In most cases, you don’t have to move …services are avalaible online, in several languages.

I perform data collections, computer forensic investigations, electronic discovery strategies, and targeted audits to obtain informations or evidence :  cybercrime, child pornography , computer security, computer intrusion, computer crime, computer crimes, computer forensics, criminal copyright crimes, cyberbullying, cyber-bullying, cyberstalking, defamation, denial-of-service, e-crime, e-fraud, employee fraud, fishing, financial frauds, hacking, harassment, high tech crimes, identity theft, illegal interception, industrial espionage, information warfare, intellectual property crimes, intrusion, internet banking fraud, malicious code, mule recruitment, netspionage Nigerian 419 fraud, online gambling, phishing, scams, securities fraud, spam spamming, technology enabled crime, threats, trade secret theft, unauthorized access, ,